Georgian Wine History

Georgia is one of the great treasures of the wine world. It was in this region that wine making first began in Neolithic times, and Georgia has an unbroken history of over 7000 vintages. The country also has a higher number of indigenous grape varieties than any other on earth – over 520.

Georgia is the origin of Quevri wine making, a form of wine production that has recently received considerable attention in the wine press. The Quevri is a uniquely Georgian creation, a huge underground clay pot, in which wines are fermented and matured to create wines of exceptional complexity and purity.

Wine is absolutely central to Georgian culture. At the heart of Georgian hospitality is the Supra, a banquet that centres around wine toasts. For this reason Georgian wines have developed to be able to accompany every kind of food, from barbequed meats to sweet desserts.

The history of the country is a troubled one, and it is partly for this reason that Georgian wines have never been well known in the UK. As the country stabilises and looks westward we have a unique opportunity to appreciate these wines for the first time. We would be delighted to guide you through them.