Introducing the Villány Appellation

The Villány-Siklós appellation is Hungary’s southernmost wine region. Located near the 46th meridian, the region is at nearly the same latitude as Bordeaux’s northern areas.

The climatic conditions and terroirs of Villány-Siklós are almost perfect for growing grapes for wine. It has a Mediterranean climate; is the warmest of all Hungarian wine regions; has the greatest number of sunshine hours, and good winter and summer rains. Spring comes early and there is relatively little frost damage: vines grow easily and naturally. The soil is primarily limestone covered with varying thicknesses of clay and loess, and is rich in lime and calcium deposits. The majority of vineyard land is situated on the southern and eastern slopes of the Villány hills, such as Jammertal Hill and Csillagvölgy.

These ideal weather and soil conditions provide the basis for making excellent red and white wines, from international varietals, as well as indigenous ones. Top Villány-Siklós vintners typically have a range of wines going from light reds and rosés made from the local varieties such as Portugieser and Kékfrankos, through to blends with international varieties and more robust wines often based exclusively on the Bordeaux varieties. 

In 2006, Villány was the first region in Hungary to introduce its own controlled origin scheme, DHC or Districtus Hungaricus Controllatus which symbolises the region’s
commitment to high quality standards.