Wine Producers


József Bock

The Bock winery is one of Hungary’s leading producers with a long and remarkable history of winemaking. Since the fall of communism, the Bock winery has gone on to establish itself as one of the pioneering producers in the new wave of private wineries in Hungary.

Csaba Malatinszky

The son of a nobleman, Csaba Malatinszky, followed a unique career path to becoming a winemaker. He began as head sommelier at Budapest's world-famous Gundel Restaurant. And now, with a focus on fruit and aromatics, produces wines with finesse and complexity that are capable of ageing gracefully.

Ferenc Takler

Takler is one of Szekszárd's most highly regarded producers. The winery was founded in 1987 by Ferenc Takler (senior) and is run by Ferenc Takler himself, and his two sons. Takler's wine's express the vigour and the warmth of his personality and his sheer enthusiasm for winemaking.

Samuel Tinon

Born in Bordeaux and brought up on the family estate in Sainte-Croix du Mont. Samuel Tinon has worked as assistant/advisor to Royal Tokaji and Oremus. His devotion to Tokaj and its wines eventually led him to start bottling his own in 2000 when he bought a tiny 5 hectare vineyard in Olaszliszka, Tokaj.