Tokaji Magita Cuvée

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The sweet wines of Tokaj need no introduction. Next to Sauternes, they are perceived to be the best dessert wines in the world. And, their history is unrivalled in the fine wine world: the world's first vineyard classification system was introduced in Tokaj-Hegyalja, Hungary, in 1730.

Tokaj wines are also well known for the high regard that monarchs have held them in. During the 19th century, the Emperor Franz József made an annual birthday gift to Queen Victoria of a dozen bottles of Tokaji for each year of her life. For her penultimate birthday in 1900, she received 972 bottles. Regrettably, we are unable to confirm whether her long life was a result of her drinking this Hungarian elixir!

The Tokaji Magita Cuvée’s luscious, honey-like richness, balanced acidity, and three months oak ageing make it a delightful late harvest wine. Pleasant notes of almond and apricot come through on both the nose and palate. 86.4g/l sugar, 9.1g/l acidity.

This sweet wine should be a staple on every foodie’s dinner table. Very drinkable on its own, but also excellent as a dessert wine at the end of a meal. It pairs very well with cheese and can be drunk as an alternative to port. It also makes for a fantastic present. They do not come more Hungarian than this. Delicious!


Bottle Size: 0,5L 

SKU: BER-2008-0001