Georgian Valleys/Tbilvino
Grape variety: 

Variety: Saperavi 100%

Place of production: Mukuzani is Georgia’s most renowned controlled appellation region for dry red wines. It is found on the banks of the Alazani River in the Kakheti region of Georgia. The 246 ha vineyards are located at 350-750 meters above the sea level on the mountain slopes with medium latitude. Mukuzani wines are traditionally left in oak for longer periods than other saperavi wines.

Fermentation: After four days on the skins, the wine is then pressed off and finishes primary fermentation in tanks before undergoing secondary Malolactic fermentation at 25/27°C. Warm ferments help produce a fleshier character to the final wines.

Tasting profile: Mukuzani wine has an aroma traditional to this variety, with notes of ripe cherry, almond and vanilla. Velvet taste of tannins is complemented by the notes of oak, with long lasting finish.

Food pairing: Mukuzani’s complex characters match well with charcuterie and red meats. 


Decanter Asia Wine Awards 2012 - Commended 



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0.75 l
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