Mukuzani Special Reserve

Georgian Valleys/Tbilvino
Grape variety: 

Variety: Saperavi 100%

Special Reserve signifies a premium wine from the Tbilvino portfolio. Special Reserve wines are produced in limited quantities of only a few thousands bottles, from well matured, fresh and high-quality grapes. Lengthy aging in oak barrels completes a range of wines with a unique taste and complexity.

Place of production: The wine is produced from specially selected Saperavi grapes sourced from the Mukuzani micro- zone in the Kakheti region. Mukuzani is Georgia’s most renowned controlled appellation for dry red wines.

Fermentation: After four days on the skins, the wine is transferred to oak barrels for fermentation.

Aging: 100% of the wine goes to French oak barrels for 10-12 months to create a complex palate of oak, tannins, fruit and vanilla.

Cellaring: Saperavi can cellar for many years. While aging it undergoes a considerable change, with tannins become round and sweet.

Tasting profile: The wine has clear tones of smoke, blackberry, black currant and is characterized with long-lingering aftertaste.

Food Pairing: Mukuzani Special Reserve matches well with smoked cheese, potato chips, roasted rabbit, chicken cooked in red wine, fried pork and various meat salads. Mukuzani goes ideally with “Bozbashi” (spicy tomato soup with mutton or lamb meatballs), barbeque, lamb haunch, fried kidney and different patés. 


Bottle size: 
0.75 l
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