Georgian Valleys/Tbilvino
Grape variety: 

Variety: Rkatsiteli 100%

This new wine from Tbilvino is produced in the 7000 year old “quevri method.” A quevri is a uniquely Georgian creation, a large subterranean clay jar, in which wines are fermented and matured on both skins and stems. This gives quevri wines a tannin structure approaching those of red wines, as well as a complexity of flavour and structure not found in other white wines.

Place of production: Rkatsiteli grapes are sourced from the micro- zones of Kardenakhi, Tibaani, Tsinandali, Gurjaani and Napareuli in the Kakheti region of Georgia.

Pressing: This Kakhetian traditional type of wine is not pressed off the skins until 2-3 months after primary fermentation.

Fermentation: Wine must is fermented on stem, skin and seeds at a controlled temperature of 14/16°C.

Maceration: Considerable amount of time is spent with the skins for post-ferment maceration which helps the phenolic nature of the wine transfer into finer, more complex structures.

Tasting profile: Quevris wine offers a deep and rich bouquet of pine, pear and quince. The presence of ripe stems in the fermentation gives complex floral aromas. Flavours include apple and stewed fruit.

Recommended with veal, mutton and barbeque. 


IWSC London 2012 – Bronze    

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0.75 l
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