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    Ever wondered what a Tokaji wine might taste like, if it was produced by a French man? Then, look no further! 

    And, who better to introduce Samuel Tinon and his wine than Hugh Johnson of Royal Tokaj...

    "A hero of the early days was Samuel Tinon, a winemaker from a part of Bordeaux where they make sweet wines. He was young, fearless and learnt Hungarian in a trice. Those 1990 wines [he helped produce] are, frankly, a miracle. They were the first Tokaji wines produced in freedom since 1956 and they have great character. They proved firstly that different vineyards produced wines with different characteristics, ie, terroir; and, secondly, that we could do it: the wines were and still are delicious.

    Tokaji is produced in tiny quantities - the yield is so small it makes that of even top-growth Bordeaux look like something out of the communist instruction manual. The chances of a good vintage are only moderate. If you are making really valuable wine only three or four times a decade, it is an expensive business" 

    A semi sweet wine with 110g/l sugar. On the palate, nicely ripe fruits come to the fore. Juicy, with notes of peach and plum. A crisp, fresh finish. Good acidity. Very drinkable. 89/100

    Tom Cannavan (Wine-Pages)


    Bottle Size: 0.5L

    Samuel Tinon
    Dessert Wine