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    Simply put, the 2015 Laposa Pinot Gris, or Szurkebarat in Hungarian, is a stunning wine. Alsatian in style, it is rich and complex.

    On the nose, it is slightly floral with notes of acacia. Aromas of peach and pear come to the fore. And, if left to breathe, a hint of honey and grapefruit also comes through.

    This is a medium to full bodied wine which displays good fruit and a refreshing acidity.

    Long on the finish, it is its minerality which makes this a truly special and unforgettable wine.

    All in all, a perfect marriage of the grape variety with the volcanic soil of the Badacsony Wine Region.

    Best served at 13-14 degrees. It pairs well with cheeses, light vegetable dishes, and pastas.

    White Wine
    0.75 l