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    Kéknyelű translates to 'blue stalk'. An indigenous grape, it was once widely planted throughout Hungary.

    But, due to its extremely temperamental nature and tiny yields (it is cultivated in the ancient style with male and female grapevines) it came close to disappearing altogether during Communist times.

    It is now found almost exclusively on the north shores of Lake Balaton - where very small quantities of this remarkably unique wine are produced.

    Laposa's Keknyelu is a single vineyard wine. It is delicately perfumed and refined and has a real sense of place.

    The characteristics of the Badacsony region are unmistakable in this wine - it is light, complex, rich in minerality, clean and pure.

    100% Keknyelu and the very definition of a Terroir wine!

    Laposa, the winemaker, describes his Keknyelu as "Versatile and special. Serious yet graceful. In other words, a true gentleman"

    White Wine
    0.75 l