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    An ancient Hungarian grape variety. Juhfark, or 'Sheep's Tail' in English, is named after the appearance of the grape bunch.

    It is prone to mildew, so it needs a lot of attention to prevent the disease cropping up. As a grape, it has a fairly neutral flavour profile and benefits from calcareous and volcanic soils.

    As a result, it produces a wine which is extraordinarily rich in minerality. Due to its good acidity, it is also a wine that ages well.

    Moreover, it is the signature grape of Somlo (the smallest winemaking region in Hungary) a solitary hill rising 431 metres above sea level that is the last in a chain of volcanic hills (evidence of the seismic activity of the past).

    Laposa's Juhfark is made in the region of Somlo from 100% Juhfark. It is pale yellow in colour with notes of honey and apple. Once allowed to breathe, it displays the unmistakeable characteristics of Somlo!

    We recommend it with cabbage, midly spiced dill dishes and goat's cheese.


    White Wine
    0.75 l